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  1.  Planted from 1100m up to about 2300m above sea level in areas with warm climate
  2. Ideal production altitude is 1200m to 1900m though some varieties still do well in regions beyond this range
  3.  Suitable in areas with annual rainfall ranging from 800mm to 2000mm
  4. Grows in a wide range of soil types which are well drained with PH range of 6.0 to 7.0. the crop requires fertile soil with adequate moisture hence inputs such as manure and fertilizer give better yield
  5. The crop must be supported immediately after germination and before the tendrils start to form. Use of either props or posts/wires can be used to support the crop. The plant height is 2-3 meters.
  6. Beans are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and a very rich source of minerals especially iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorous. Beans have no cholesterol and very low in fats and sugar.

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