1Seed Growers recruitment Dully filled application
Field report
HOD approval
FreeWithin 60 Days
2Land lease for seed productionTender Application formTender Application fee30 Days
3Clean seed reportNoneFee4 Days
4Seed purchase over the counterDully filled order form As per order form 5 minutes
5Payment to Growers

1st payment

2nd and final payment

Clean seed report
Delivery Notes
Payment instructions

Cleaning loss report
Growers statement
Approved payment Voucher
Growers bank details


45 days from date of delivery of seed

10 days after receipt of clean seed report
6Payment to Creditors Delivery Note Invoice
Goods Received Note
Free30 days after service delivery or as per contract
7Resolution of customer complaints Verbal or written complaint Free21 Days
8Recruitment of Seed Agents and Stockist Application letter Recommendation from the Ministry of Agriculture
Free 7 Days
9Supply of basic seedContract to grow seed Free1 Days
10Technical /advisory and extension services None FreeOn Demand
11Order form
Export Documents- Phyto-sanitary Certificate
As per order quantity and destinationAs per order quantity and destination7 days for lots pre-tested seed

35 days for new seed lots
12Crop registrationFilled SR 5 Proof of origin from Kephis FreeWithin 21 days after planting
13Seed Intake – basic seed Harvesting program
Kephis Approval
14Issuance of seed- basic seed Duly signed contract
Requisition from production
1 day if dressed
14 days if not dressed
15Seed testing Inspection and sampling request Free28 days from receipt of samples and subject to species requirement

Download the Kenya Seed Citizen Service Delivery Charter

Kenya Seed Service Charter (2258 downloads)

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