Sorghum Gadam

175 /=350 /=
  1. It is whitish in colour 
  2. Has excellent malting qualities 
  3. Good for human consumption (ugali) 
  4. Does well in lowland to medium altitude.

Sorghum Seed E-1291

150 /=300 /=
  1. It is brown in colour 
  2. Dual purpose variety with good beverage quality 
  3. Performs well in the cool semi arid highlands of Nakuru, Baringo, Laikipia, Naivasha, Narok, Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Kuria, Kericho, Trans Mara, and Taita Taveta. Good for silage making.

Sorghum Seredo

145 /=290 /=
  1. It is a brown seeded variety 
  2. It is taller than Serena with good tolerance to lodging 
  3. Its head is conical and semi compact in shape with brown grains which are slightly bigger than those of Serena Sorghum 
  4. Performs well in moist altitude and the semi arid lowlands It is widely adaptable

Sorghum Serena

145 /=290 /=
  1. It is a brown seeded variety 
  2. It has a long stem and good root system 
  3. It is widely adaptable 
  4. Fairly tolerant to Striga, Rust, Leaf blight and Grey leaf spot. 
  5. Performs well in the moist mid altitude regions and the semi arid lowlands.