Boma Rhodes

950 KSh14,250 KSh
  1. Soft and excellent herbage
  2. Slow growing and hence suited for lower stocking rates
  3. Gives bottom tillers and forms a thick grass
  4. It is very popular in all altitude
  5. It is drought tolerant

Columbus grass

175 KSh10,090 KSh
  1. A quick growing biannual crop with broader leaves which under good management can be harvested twice per annum
  2. Good for silage making.

Elmba Rhodes

950 KSh
  1. Red mottled (Red with white specks)

Sudan grass

175 KSh8,750 KSh
  1. A quick growing annual with smaller stems and thin leaves
  2. Very palatable
  3. Very good for making silage.