GLP 1127 New mwezi moja

500 KSh
  1. An improvement of GLP 1004 on yield and disease tolerance
  2. Relatively widely adaptable than GLP 1004
  3. The colours are similar to those of GLP 1004 Wairimu

GLP 2 Rose coco

500 KSh
  1. Large, dark red with white flecks grains
  2. The plant is tall, erect and very vigorous with flat pods
  3. Prefers medium altitude zones
  4. Tolerant to common bean mosaic virus and anthracnose

GLP 24 Canadian wonder

500 KSh
  1. Shiny dark purple or reddish purple seeds
  2. Vigorous plant with slight climbing tendency and flat pods
  3. Performs best in cool areas

GLP 92 Mwitemania

500 KSh
  1. Cream seeds with black-brown spots
  2. Has a spreading growth habit with nearly flat pods which contain oval seeds
  3. Prefers the medium altitude and is tolerant to drought
  4. Tolerant to halo blight

Wairimu dwarf

500 KSh
  1. An extra early bean type that performs well in most ecological zones but suited to medium to dry areas.
  2. It has excellent eating quality
  3. Good for intercropping.