Giant Night Shade (managu)

45 KSh2,100 KSh
  1. Does well in most soils
  2. High yielding vegetable
  3. Highly nutritious
  4. Very long harvesting period
  5. Easy to manage

Indigenous Amaranthus (Terere)

40 KSh1,885 KSh
  1.  Highly nutritious
  2.  Easy to grow
  3.  Transports well
  4.  Its grains are edible

Indigenous Black Night Shade

45 KSh143 KSh
  1.  Does well in most soils
  2.  High yielding vegetable
  3.  Highly nutritious
  4.  Very long harvesting period
  5.  Easy to manage

Indigenous Jews Mallow/sunhemp (Mrenda)

35 KSh1,440 KSh
  1. Attractive bright green leaves.
  2. Soft and easy to cook
  3. Grows well in warm areas and
    rich soils
  4. Has medicinal and nutritional
  5. Good tillering ability

Indigenous Kunde Mboga

20 KSh300 KSh
  1.  Has soft dark green leaves
  2.  Very high returns on investment
  3.  Very long harvesting period
  4.  Transports well
  5.  Restores soil fertility

Indigenous Spider Plant (saga/saget)

45 KSh980 KSh
  1.  Grown for its leaves
  2.  Very nutritious vegetable
  3.  Long harvesting period
  4.  Requires minimal management