5,685 KSh
  1. High crude protein levels
  2. Rich in minerals and vitamins
  3. Improves soil fertility through nitrogen fixation
  4. Controls Striga weed growth
  5. Grows in all altitudes.

Indigenous Amaranthus (Terere)

270 KSh2,075 KSh
  1.  Highly nutritious
  2.  Easy to grow
  3.  Transports well
  4.  Its grains are edible

Indigenous Black Night Shade

90 KSh
  1.  Does well in most soils
  2.  High yielding vegetable
  3.  Highly nutritious
  4.  Very long harvesting period
  5.  Easy to manage

Indigenous Spider Plant (saga/saget)

65 KSh190 KSh
  1.  Grown for its leaves
  2.  Very nutritious vegetable
  3.  Long harvesting period
  4.  Requires minimal management

Lucerne Aurora

765 KSh1,495 KSh
  1. Very palatable
  2. Nutritious and can sustain high milk production levels when fed to dairy cattle
  3. Can last up to four years under good management
  4. Can be fed to goats, rabbit and chicken.
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