Hybrid Seed Maize DH01

400 KSh
  1. Long stay
  2. Green trait
  3. Drought tolerant
  4. Good level of tolerance to leaf blight, common rust and ear rot.

Hybrid Seed Maize DH03

200 KSh5,000 KSh
  1. A good level of tolerance to blight and MSV
  2. Good husk cover
  3. Better standability
  4. Drought tolerance.

Hybrid Seed Maize DH04

400 KSh
  1. Short
  2. Drought tolerant
  3. Good husk cover and standability.

Hybrid Seed Maize H614

400 KSh
  1. Tolerant to blight
  2. Tolerant to leaf and ear diseases 
  3. Tolerant to weevil attack

Hybrid Seed Maize PH4

400 KSh
  1. Tolerant to most leaf and ear diseases,
  2. Has an excellent husk cover
  3. Tolerant to lodging


420 KSh
  1. Medium tolerance to blast
  2. Good tolerance to lodging
  3. Long grains
  4. High aromatic rice

Sorghum Seed E-1291

400 KSh
  1. It is brown in colour 
  2. Dual purpose variety with good beverage quality 
  3. Performs well in the cool semi arid highlands of Nakuru, Baringo, Laikipia, Naivasha, Narok, Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Kuria, Kericho, Trans Mara, and Taita Taveta. Good for silage making.
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