Hybrid Seed Maize DH01

390 KSh
  1. Long stay
  2. Green trait
  3. Drought tolerant
  4. Good level of tolerance to leaf blight, common rust and ear rot.

Hybrid Seed Maize DH03

195 KSh4,875 KSh
  1. A good level of tolerance to blight and MSV
  2. Good husk cover
  3. Better standability
  4. Drought tolerance.

Hybrid Seed Maize DH04

390 KSh
  1. Short
  2. Drought tolerant
  3. Good husk cover and standability.

Hybrid Seed Maize H6218

  1. Blight tolerant
  2. Good husk cover
  3. Semi-flint.

Hybrid Seed Maize PH4

390 KSh
  1. Tolerant to most leaf and ear diseases,
  2. Has an excellent husk cover
  3. Tolerant to lodging

Indigenous Amaranthus (Terere)

270 KSh2,075 KSh
  1.  Highly nutritious
  2.  Easy to grow
  3.  Transports well
  4.  Its grains are edible
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