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Harvest Days
Seed Rate Kg/Ha
Spacing Row (Cm)
Plant Spacing (Cm)
Bean Color
GLP2 (ROSECOCO) 90 75   Red with White flecks High yielder. Medium altitude bean
GLP24 (CANADIAN W) 100 75 50cmx10cm Dark Red Brown High yielder
Prefers wetter areas. Beans are kidney shaped.
GLP1004 (MWEZI MOJA) 90 75   Purple Marbled Medium yield.
For dry areas
GLP1127 (MWEZI MOJA II) 90 75   Dark Brown Creamy Suitable for dry areas. Tolerant to anthracnose. Medium yield.
Flecks Heat tolerant
GLP92 (MWITEMANIA) 85 75   Cream Black Spots Very high yield. Medium altitude. Tolerant to halo blight. Bean is egg-shaped.
DWARF- (WAIRIMU) 80 75   Red High Yields. Does well in dry areas. Beans are egg shaped.
MONEL (LOCAL) 45 75 50CMX10CM Black Good yielder. Snap beans from the 8th week. Ideal for processing.
PLUM 100 75 50 10 Greenish Cream Cooks when green or dry. Seeds are smooth and round.
GREENFEAST 110 75 50 10 Light Green Wrinkled seed. Cooks green only.
KENKUNDE 1 110 10   Reddish Brown Late maturing variety. Leaves and grains are edible Prefers warm conditions. Drought tolerant
K80 125 10 50CMX10CM Cream Medium maturing variety. Also dual purpose crop
M66 120 10   Deep cream Early maturing with broad leaves. Ideal as vegetable
K26 100 10   Shiny Green Drought tolerant. Altitude below 1500. Requires 650mm of rainfall annually.
KS-20 90 10 45CMX10CM Dull Green



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