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Historical Background

In 1958, after its incorporation, the company started an enterprise to produce commercial Sunflower for the European bird feed market to sustain its financial needs. In 1963 the company introduced hybrid seed maize production following the release of the first hybrids by the government Research centre in Kitale. Seed wheat was added to the seed program in 1971 to provide certified seed to farmers who previously depended on low quality farm saved seeds. 

Later in 1979 the company acquired Simpson and White law, a company trading in

horticultural seeds, and introduced the brand name “Simlaw Seeds”, which has since

distinguished itself as a leading brand in the market. In 2002 Simlaw Seeds was registered as a limited liability company and a subsidiary of Kenya Seed Company Ltd. Its core business is selling and marketing of high quality horticultural seeds, pesticides

and fertilizers in the East African region. In the same year Kenya seed incorporated Kibo and Mt. Elgon seed Companies in Tanzania and Uganda respectively as an expansion strategy into the Eastern Africa market.

Kenya Seed Company was certified in 2007 by Kenya Bureau of Standards on ISO 9001:2008 as a Company whose products and services consistently meet  customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. 



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