Mr. Alphonse K. Laboso

Head of Research and Development

Mr. Alphonse K. Laboso is the Head of Research and Development. He joined the Company in 2000 as Pasture and Oil crops breeder, after over 18 years as a Maize Breeder at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO). He was later promoted to Senior Agronomist before moving to the company’s Elgon Downs Farm as Operations Manager. He is spearheading research in Maize, Pasture and Oil crops sub programs in the company. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Plant Breeding from Texas A&M University, B.Sc. from University of Nairobi and Diploma in Maize improvement from CIMMYT, Mexico. He has developed and released several crop varieties of wheat (Ks Mwamba, Ks Simba, Ks Farasi, Ks Chui, Ks Ndume); sunflower (H 4038, H 4088); sorghum (Kensorg 2); Barley (KSB 2) and groundnut (Ks Gnut-1). He is the founding member of the Plant Breeders’ Association of Kenya.

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